June 9 / Rockport, Maine

Sorry for the long delay in posts. I am doing well, but have not been on a bicycle seat for a number of days. I offer the following doggerel as explanation:




When cycling through the countryside

And a  bio break is needed

Be careful where you stop and go

This counsel should be heeded


The “Green Room” offers great relief

When nature’s call is pressing

But three leaf plants and creeping bugs

Can make the moment stressing


A hasty squat in verdant woods

Has left me red and swollen

Poison Ivy and mystery bites

Have led me to this poem


I’m off the bike these many days

No spandex ’til this passes

Prescription drugs and lots of creams

No venturing near grasses


So in my car I drive the tour

Until I have a healing

With Maine’s steep hills and winding roads

A car ride is appealing


So when you feel the need to use

The Green Room’s easy acces

Remember, stop and look around

Protect those precious assets