Day 21 / Top Sail Island, NC to New Bern, NC

At last the rain has stopped and I am back on the road. We had some good tailwinds today, and at one point I was sailing along at 17-18 MPH, well above my usual pokey speed of 13-15 MPH. We travelled mostly on country roads, more farms , horses and cows. The bike gods must have been jealous; they sent high temps and high humidity. At one point my Garmin registered temps in the low nineties.

Today was the longest ride of the trip, at 97 miles. Some did their first century today. I was not one of them. I have borrowed a saddle from one of the riders. Mine has been causing so many issues, that I’m not going to use it. I have ordered a new one and Emilie will send it to me later this week. For those of you who ride, you know that it takes some time to adjust to a new saddle, so I will probably restrict myself to 35-40 mile days at first.

The time is flying. The ride ends a month from today, on June 12th. We have only a few more days in North Carolina and then on into Virginia. Onward and upward.