Day 22 / New Bern, NC to Plymouth, NC

It was a beautiful day for a ride, sunny, warm, but not too hot. We had a ferry ride across the Pamlico River, followed by an afternoon of pleasant country roads. Our route took us through Bath, NC, the oldest town in the state. New Bern, where we landed yesterday, is the second oldest town. Both towns are River towns with lovely waterfronts.

We rode by many small, family cemeteries, located in the middle of farm fields or near farm houses. Most were very well-tended. We stopped and looked at one. Lots of children’s graves.

Dogs were out today. With whistles and shouts, we made it through unscathed.image image image image image image

I’m still riding on a borrowed saddle and my body is feeling the difference. It’s amazing what a difference a few mm adjustment can feel like when doing a repetitive movement like cycling. I hope I can adjust quickly to the new saddle I ordered. In a few days we will be in Virginia, where we will encounter our first hills.

All the named roads and bridges so far have been named for men, with the exception of a stretch of country road we rode today. It’s about time.

Pictures not uploading. Will add tomorrow.