About Me

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Why the ride?  … or have I lost my mind?

A little over five years ago, I slipped on a wet paver in my garden, did a Chaplin-esque pratfall, and in the process, broke both my legs, mid-air. Technically, I had bilateral tibial plateau fractures. In essence, I had twisted off the tops of my tibias. As I heard the bones break, I knew life was about to change in the near term, but I had no idea I would spend six weeks in hospital and a rehab facility, six months in a wheel chair and the next two years regaining my walking capacity. Thanks to great surgeons at Mass General who fitted me with cadaver implants, plates and pins and the rehab staff at Spaulding and at home, I can now walk as well as before.

As I lay in bed during those first six months, I promised myself that if I could regain the full use of my legs, I would use my recovered mobility to become more active, more healthy, more ready to enjoy my sixties and seventies. I found WomanTours on the web and thought I would like to do the tour, if I recovered fully. As part of my rehab, I started riding a 27 speed recumbent tricycle. Initially, I needed help getting in and out of it, and struggled to complete a flat mile. Over time, as I became stronger, I could do the Outer Cape hills and 20-30 mile rides.

After stopping work three years ago, I decided it was now or never. I trained, dropped weight (but I’m still a sight in spandex) and started a cross-country ride from San Diego to St. Augustine. I crashed in New Mexico, broke my shoulder and had to end the ride.

I am now ready to try again, with a ride from Ft Lauderdale up the Atlantic Coast to Bar Harbor Maine. If at first you don’t succeed…

There is still some life in the old girl and I am ready for a new adventure.